SRA 1K - Indy Endurance

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# Team Car Driver(s)
1 TwigFlix Racing Division AMR V8 Vantage (2019)#159 Mark Rechtin
2 905 Slammed Racing Division AMR V8 Vantage (2019)#777 Josh Damiani
3 Team Deez AMR V8 Vantage (2019)#69 Martin Riggs
Aidan Grover
Tyler James
4 12 oz Racing McLaren 720S GT3 (Special)#106 Michael Quandt
Brendon Manns
5 Middle Pack Racing AMR V8 Vantage (2019)#648 João Sodré
Fabiano Pancheniak
Austin Whitescarver
6 Crazy Canucks McLaren 720S GT3 (Special)#123 Jerome Maille
John Donahue
Selena Boonstra
7 Madhaus Racing - Pork McLaren 720S GT3 (Special)#807 Ryan Walker
Brandon Walker
8 United Shitters of America (USA) Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020#77 Jordan Kimball
Cole Compton
Noah Fong
9 Plan E Racing - Enduro Edition Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020#68 Jason Allen
Dominic Duran
Geetesh Khatavkar
10 Ghost Rider Racing - Bailey's Bois Porsche 911 II GT3 R (2019)#832 Taylor Molyneux
Dan Rebel
Kyle Miller
11 Shrek'd Racing McLaren 720S GT3 (Special)#731 Pawel Kreska
Spencer Walsh
Kevin Unda
12 Ghost Rider Racing Endobendo AMR V8 Vantage (2019)#717 Bailey Kish
Matt Browning
13 Wonderland Racing McLaren 720S GT3 (Special)#321 Conor Farrell
Michael Jeffries
14 Razgriz Racing Lexus RC F GT3#43 Curtis Lee
Jeff Brown
Marty Spacebaker
15 Comic Racing - Honda Honda NSX Evo (2019)#192 Michael Griffith
Jon Sparks
16 Bitch, Peas McLaren 720S GT3 (Special)#311 Fazlee Majeed
Stephanie Fisher
Jess Osborn
17 Grid Thieves Motorsports Ferrari 1 Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020#222 Felipe Vicini
Clark Gould
James Reilly
18 Fly Boys Honda NSX Evo (2019)#805 Chris Brown
Matthew Marlow
19 Pod Racers McLaren 720S GT3 (Special)#22 Colin Shea
20 Madhaus Racing - beans McLaren 720S GT3 (Special)#7 Jeff Spangler
Ryan Yee
21 WhatPotato Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020#888 Kelvin Lau
Ken Thomas
22 JANitors McLaren 720S GT3 (Special)#133 Durban Legacy
Jan Rodricks
Uthman Badmus
23 Red Pill Racing Porsche 911 II GT3 R (2019)#736 Bryan Anderson
24 BBR Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II#33 Gordon Johnson
Connor Mannion
25 Grid Thieves Motorsports Endurance Boys Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020#0 Jacob Rutkoske
Adam Santana
Curtis Larade
26 uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh McLaren 720S GT3 (Special)#676 Fari Henry
27 Auto Club 130R Lexus RC F GT3#155 Joaquin Cura
Matias Villasante
Lautaro Dominguez
28 Badmins Trinity BMW M4 GT3#333 Doug Lee
Alex Chilcutt
Anthony Michael
29 Los Cómics Muertos McLaren 720S GT3 (Special)#169 Kevin Kovach
Al Lotufo
Land Shark
Place Points
1st 25
2nd 18
3rd 15
4th 12
5th 10
6th 8
7th 6
8th 4
9th 2
10th 1
Fastest Race Lap 1
Best Qualifying Lap 1
If a driver or team are equal on points, their position is determined by a count back of best finishing positions. The order is determined by the driver or team that scored the most wins. If these are equal, the number second places are compared, then third places, etc.


This Championship currently has 1 events configured.

Event 1 - Indianapolis Not Started
  • Practice - 10 minutes
  • Qualifying - 30 minutes
  • Race - 480 minutes